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Summer Kitchen  

St Chinian Deck         





Below: Crumbling old stone walls have been renovated and jointed.  The new front stone wall is equipped with a traditional double entrance door.

Above: Beginning the project - the barn has no front wall. 

Below: Newly built front stone wall is furnished with an antique stone window surround.


Summer Kitchen -

This ruin in a small courtyard garden has just been transformed into an all-purpose entertainment area, although there are further developments to come in the next year.  Too be continued...!
















Below: Interior view of front wall.  (Inside, all the stone walls have been cleaned and re-jointed).





































Below: The back old stone walls have been renovated and jointed and a new window fitted. 

































Below: The stone window surround, the big metal-framed window and the regional-style front door have all come from 'brocantes' (antiques' stores).  The lower part of the front facade is all new stonework, and the upper part is built in blocks with a rendered finish.









































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